Robi handles it for you!

Robi products are attachments for excavators and wheel loaders. They are indispensable tools for any kind of demolition, sorting, screening, crushing and loading application. The Robi product family consists of demolition and handling grapples, screening buckets and crusher grapples. All of the equipment mentioned is suitable for use in the environmental sector as it can be used for sorting and recycling construction debris.


Robi products are the answer to the needs of the demolition and recycling sectors. They bring innovative and up-to-date solutions to help the end user save time and cut costs considerably. In short, our starting point is to find and understand the needs of our customers and satisfy them.



Robi breakers are created to survive in demanding circumstances due to strong and economic structure. They are offered with three different housing options: silenced box housing, side plates and side mounting by pins. Blow energy of Robi breakers is created by fixed blow energy principle. It is very reliable, proven technology which produces a permanent result and is not too sensible of variations of oil flow.


Robi Grapples have been engineered for demolition and sorting applications to perform in demanding conditions and to meet high standards of demolition and recycling field. All the Robi products have very strong and wear-resistant constructions.


Robi Crushers have been engineered for primary and secondary crushing of concrete, cutting reinforcements, pulverizing, demolition and wood cutting. Dedicated Cutter Crushes are designed for demolishing of steel structures and concrete. Different jaw options of multiprocessors guarantee almost any applications.


Robi MM, Multi Master, is a patented screening bucket which can be used for screening, crushing and loading different kinds of materials such as earth, wood, concrete, bricks, glass etc. Original technical solutions guarantee the best possible performance, save time and minimize maintenance costs. The device can be mounted on an excavator or a wheel loader.